Compliance with the GDPR legislation

Engage the GDPR Specialists to execute the tasks related to GDPR compliance and prepare the documents for your Firm.

In the framework of compliance with the GDPR legislation we first assess your firm based on our own methodology: we identify the data management processes and outline the data processing activities (what personal data is processed, for what purpose and based on what legal ground), the data assets and the suppliers. We also review the policies, privacy notices, forms and contracts of the firm, and the sectoral legislation regulating its activity.

Based on the results of the examination we establish the deficiencies and compile an action plan for the purpose of GDPR compliance, in which we determine the measures to be taken and the documents to be prepared by your firm, as well as the decision points. If you decide on implementing an individual project, you only have to make the decisions that are necessary but indispensable.

As a result of the project you thus receive a comprehensive picture of the relevant data protection features of your firm and its deficiencies, as well as a solution regarding their correction for the purpose of GDPR compliance. In addition, we provide your staff with useful practical advice that can be acted on.

Finally, we execute your individual GDPR-compliant solutions: we prepare the necessary privacy notices, policies and contracts. Depending on company size and complexity, the number of customized business documents to be prepared can vary between 13 and 40.

We will be at our Client's service after the execution of GDPR compliance as well, if requested, in the framework of the Data Protection Officer service.