Data Protection Officer service – DPO

Our firm undertakes to act as a Data Protection Officer in the context of an engagement contract.

Benefits of the Data Protection Officer service
  • Your company can benefit from skilled workforce, without recruitment
  • Conflicts of interest can be avoided within the organization: for example, executive directors and the leaders of various organizational units may not act as Data Protection Officers
  • The fee for the Data Protection Officer service can be accounted for as cost
Data Protection Officer responsibilities
  • Provides information and professional advice for the organization in connection with the GDPR and other data protection legislations
  • Reviews compliance with the GDPR legislation and the rules for the purpose of protecting personal data
  • Provides professional advice regarding the Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Cooperates with the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH)
  • Operates as a point of contact for clients as well as the NAIH
Why select us?
  • Duly qualified and experienced Data Protection Officer with up-to-date information is available for your organization
  • Company-tailored and cost-effective solution to comply with the GDPR legislation
  • Data protection expert is available specialized exclusively in GDPR for several years

Engage the GDPR Specialists by way of an engagement contract to provide Data Protection Officer services, so that continuous compliance with the GDPR is ensured.

Appointing a Data Protection Officer is mandatory for certain firms from the outset. There are, however, firms that are not explicitly required to appoint a Data Protection Officer under the GDPR, nonetheless it is still recommended to consider appointing one. The Data Protection Officer has a significant role in continuous GDPR compliance. The role involves professional assistance, consultancy services, enhancing decision-making and keeping in contact with complaining clients.

The Data Protection Officer monitors all changes in data protection legislations, the latest guidelines published in data protection, the regulatory practice and official decisions.

The Data Protection Officer understands and is able to convey legal, information technology and business expectations in plain language. The Data Protection Officer can offer effective and simple solutions to the firm because he or she is familiar with its operation, processes and documents.