Data Protection training

Engage the GDPR Specialists in order to gain theoretical and practice-oriented knowledge from the most thoroughly prepared specialists in the field.

Compliance with the GDPR requires actions from an organization on an ongoing basis. Every employee must be aware that compliance with the GDPR requirements is of key importance, and employees' attention must be drawn to this. One method of doing so is by providing training to employees about the GDPR.

Training types:

  • GDPR basic training – recommended basic training for everyone
  • GDPR advanced training – strongly recommended: for example, for HR employees and Data Protection Officers
  • GDPR special training – customized training based on Client needs, taking into account organizational and industry characteristics. For example, for executive search firms or asset management companies.

Training structure:

The trainings last 1.5 - 2 hours each, depending on the number of participants, their preparedness and area of expertise as well.

We will be at our Client's service after the training as well, upon request, in the framework of the Data Protection Officer service.