Data Protection Review

Request a data protection review from the perspective of the NAIH.

In the course of the GDPR review, we conduct interviews with your staff members for the purpose of discovering your data protection practice, and we study and assess the privacy notices, policies, and any contracts with provisions relevant from privacy perspectives. We also review whether the necessary balance of interest tests and impact assessments have been conducted. We compile a summary report on the result, in which we indicate the identified legal risks and any measures that need to be taken for the purpose of legal compliance with the GDPR requirements.

If requested, we prepare the summary report in English language as well.

As a result of the review, you receive a comprehensive picture of the relevant data protection features of your firm and any deficiencies, as well as a solution regarding correction for the purpose of GDPR compliance. In addition, we provide your staff with useful practical advice that can be acted on.

We will be at our Client's service after the GDPR review as well, if requested, in the framework of the Data Protection Officer service.